Embrace the APIs of the future

Drastically simplify API development over multiple interfaces. With hug, design and develop your API once, then expose it however your clients need to consume it. Be it locally, over HTTP, or through the command line - hug is the fastest and most modern way to create APIs on Python3.

Obvious. Clean. Radically simple.

Unparalleled performance

hug has been built from the ground up with performance in mind. It is built to consume resources only when necessary and is then compiled with Cython to achieve amazing performance. As a result, hug consistently benchmarks as one of the fastest Python frameworks and without question takes the crown as the fastest high-level framework for Python 3.

(Indepently performed benchmarking done byPycnic)

Built in version management

hug makes it easy to expose multiple versions of your API. With hug you can simply specify what version or range of versions an endpoint supports and then automatically have that enforced and communicated to your API's users.

Automatic documentation

Python makes it easy to document your APIs well using doc strings and types annotations. hug uses this information to automatically generate documentation for users of your API so you don't have to.

Annotation powered validation

hug leverages Python 3 type annotations to enable simple per argument validation and transformation. This leads to explicit and easy to follow endpoints.

Write once. Use everywhere.

With hug your API and business logic is cleanly separated from the interface you're exposing it on, which means you can safely expose it over HTTP, CLI, and Python in one fell swoop.

What are you waiting for?

Start writing world class APIs on top of Python 3 in no time. Use hug 2.4.8 to radically simplify your code base.

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